7 Essentials for Creating a Functional Entryway

7 Essentials for Creating a Functional Entryway

June 27, 2022 0 By admin

An often neglected yet largely important area of many homes is the entryway. It’s the first thing guests see when they walk in, but it’s a space that varies in size from home to home — and some homeowners don’t even use their formal entryway to enter their homes! These days, many homeowners enter through their garages or even their back doors. However, if you find yourself wanting to entertain guests, you’ve probably realized that your entryway needs a bit of TLC (you know, tender loving care?) before you bring people over. Here are some of the main essentials you’ll need to create a functional entryway in your home!

  1. Floors that are waterproof. Rain, snow, sleet, mud… all these and more can come through your front door, especially if you’re entertaining guests. Having an entryway with durable luxury vinyl flooring is an absolute must. Vinyl floors are usually either waterproof or, at the very least, water resistant, so you can easily wipe up any puddles and reduce your chances of ruining your floors. And, while we’re at it, make sure you invest in a good rug or two so that your guests don’t wear their shoes through your home. The bottom of your shoes can carry over 400,000 units of bacteria, making them one of the dirtiest surfaces you own. Do yourself and your floors a favor and get a nice rug for guests to wipe their shoes on outside before coming in.

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  1. Somewhere for people to put their shoes on. A small bench, chaise or even an accent chair are all great options for a seating spot near your entryway. Guests and even yourself usually need a space to put shoes on before heading out the door, especially if you’re trying to curtail people from wearing their shoes in your home. Making sure everyone has a space they can sit to put shoes on or take them off when entering or leaving your home is essential to ensuring it stays clean and your guests stay happy. Another benefit is that it adds a bit of design aesthetic to your space. Whether through a pattern, color or even the finish, whatever seating you choose for your entryway is sure to make you and your guests happy.
  2. Make it light and airy. Cluttered entryways can make your guests feel closed off and uninvited. A light and airy entryway is essential for your home. Make sure the paint scheme is light, your decor is neutral and you clear out any clutter that could be associated with your entryway. Many homeowners put too many things in their entryway to try and make it inviting, but it usually has the opposite effect. You can consider a plant, a rug, a storage solution for shoes, a bin for umbrellas and a way to hang coats or keys for decor in your entryway, but don’t overdo it. Consider whether those items can go somewhere else in your home, or if you can find simple statement furnishings that can store these items so you don’t need somewhere specific for them.
  3. Install cabinets for convenient storage solutions. Cabinets in your entryway are a great idea! A set of painted cabinets can add some style to your space and also give you a way to store keys, wallets, phones, sweaters and anything else that you think would be good to have right by your front door. Hang a mirror above your new cabinets or install a wet bar for a truly multi-functional space. A simple yet durable butcher block countertop would round out your look, and some copper cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls would be great in making the cabinets really stand out. Some cabinets even come ready to assemble so you don’t have to pay extra for them to be put together at the manufacturer. If you’re a DIYer or you like to complete renovation projects, assembling and installing a set of ready to assemble cabinets yourself is a great day project. The convenient storage solution will only benefit you in the long run!

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  4. Go for luxury with a round mirror. Adding a mirror to your entryway is great so that you can do that one last check on how you look before leaving your home for the day. Round mirrors are very on trend these days, and they make spaces look elevated and soft. While an ornate rectangular or square mirror might seem more glam to you, a large round mirror can really make a space look elevated and polished. You could even install a set of large and small mirrors of mixed sizes so they can easily create some dimension and texture to your space. Just make sure you don’t have mirrors or reflective surfaces facing each other, though — that’s bad feng shui for your home.
  5. Wallpaper your entryway for something a little extra. While not necessarily functional, adding wallpaper to your entryway can make it feel fun and unique. Functional spaces tend to make the most of what they have, and a light wallpaper with a fun pattern can create an inviting ambiance for your guests. If you’re the type of person who likes to “leave it all at the door,” having an inviting entryway can help you keep your balance and let go of all the things you experienced during the day when you enter your home. Consider your entryway your reset button, and the wallpaper is the transitional space between the outside world and your home. It can also make for a unique focal wall, especially if you have an open concept home that doesn’t have much separation between your entryway and your living spaces.
  6. Go vertical with storage. Your entryway isn’t just about the floors. You can use the walls in your entryway to create storage. Hang some hooks or floating shelves so you can store essential items and even create a space for outgoing mail. It’ll make small entryways look larger, and large entryways will feel open and spacious.