7 unique ways to incorporate your home with modern wallpaper

7 unique ways to incorporate your home with modern wallpaper

April 18, 2022 0 By admin

While staging home, people thinks that it is a creative way to stay away from wallpapers and try something some. But, they often forget the outlook wallpapers will bring to your room when they are used in the right way. The modern wallpaper designs have become the top choice for several home owners and home stages. While staging home with wallpaper, make sure it is done in the right way to bring out the elegance in a timeless fashion by adding interest and texture to your room.

Today, we have shared top 7 tips to keep in mind while selecting the right wallpaper for staging any room!

  1. Keep it Neutral

It is quite important to narrow down the things to neutral mainly when you plan on draping the walls with wallpaper. Ensure that the imagery and colors you select are neutral. Make use of the floral imagery as long as you keep the colors neutral. It is easy to ensure that the decor and furniture matches. This neutral wallpaper is quite flexible offering you a pathway to add the bold accents in the most meaningful way.

  1. Keep it Classic

Select the wallpapers that is of classic style. Choose the elusive pattern opposed to the colorful and busier patterns. Try staying away from wallpaper having more than two or three colors. Selecting the wallpapers in lower contrast, select the versatile and neutral wallpaper is a major aspect of modern designs. Try attracting your buyers by giving them the feeling of freshness and modern outlook. Do not use any outdated wallpaper as you will not want to make your potential buyers get a boring outlook of your room.

  1. Don’t Overdo It

Keep in mind that it is important of not overdoing with wallpapers although they are the best way to add a depth and visual interest to your home. Never cover all your walls with wallpaper. Too much use of wallpaper can distract your potential buyers so always stick to your accent walls while selecting the rooms.

  1. Make Rooms Memorable

You can create a memorable image of your home with the addition of the right kind of wallpaper that can set the tone of your room right. The right kind of wallpaper in bathrooms as well as your powder rooms adds sophistication by giving the most upgraded appearance. You can warm up any bathrooms with the use of muted neutrals. You should consider the use of wallpaper that is designed for areas with higher humidity as they are waterproof.

Ensure to use the wallpaper from Burke Decor that makes you space feel inviting and warm. Anything that is extremely vibrant should be getting ridden off. Select something that is classy and understated for adding a touch of your personality. Instead of covering the entire living room with wallpaper, try creating a focal point by using wallpaper on walls behind your main sofa.

Consider to choose the wallpaper that makes your space feel blissful and calming in your bedroom. Putting up wallpaper in bedrooms works well as an accent wall behind your bed. It is the best way in creating a focal point in your bedroom. You can also make use of wallpaper for staging nurseries as well. Be sure of using the colors and patterns that are gender-neutral.

  1. Embody Texture

Wrap up your room in the cozy textured wallpaper for adding warmth. It will add a lot of depth and the visual interests as textured wallpaper is the ideal way to hide the small imperfections on walls. Next, make sure to add some chunky woven throw blankets along with throw pillows and room-softening window treatments that compliments to the textures and shades. Choose accessories in materials like leather, warm metals, and wood that can spice up your decorative game.

  1. Choose lighting wisely

Ensure that you are having an abundance of several types of lighting all throughout your home including the floor lamps, task lights, and more. Add a lot of ambiance lighting like the string lights and candles that can set your mood right along with selection of bulb which is the key aspect here for avoiding the use of cool white bulbs as they are quite uninviting and harsh. Keep them soft white lights for the cool warm glow.

  1. Bring in your exteriors

You should select the wallpaper that is made out of natural materials such as cork, jute and bamboo that will add an organic feel instantly to your space that evokes memories of the warmer days. The floral and botanical prints can make it appear like summer all year long. The fresh flowers and plants are the functional and beautiful pieces of home décor to help a house become a home.

Select wallpaper for different rooms

We all have a great room in our home that becomes flooded with natural lights and it is the happiest place while the rest of the rooms may appear dreary and dark. The natural lights are different in almost every room therefore, it is important to get a sample in hand where the modern wallpaper for room is installed. The choice of wallpaper used in a room is extremely dependent on the lighting of your room.

Pay a lot of attention to the choice of material if you are planning on using wallpaper for your kitchen. The older thin wallpapers can easily absorb the odors and stains. But, make sure you stay away from the wallpapers made from fabrics. There are various options for your choice of wallpaper as they can be cleaned easily. Make sure that the wallpaper you have selected is complementing the countertops, hardware and the color of your cabinetry.