Summerhouse Insulation Solutions

Summerhouse Insulation Solutions

November 21, 2022 0 By admin

Contrary to its name, a summerhouse is not just for summer, it can provide a space for relaxation and recreation in any season – winter included. Done right, insulating your summerhouse promises year-round comfort so no matter the forecast or season, you can cosy up whenever and enjoy the charm of outdoors from the comfort of indoors. Below, we’ll reel off our top thermal insulation solutions to get you one step closer to relaxing in your garden-based sanctuary.


If you wish to repurpose your summerhouse into a garden office/garden room, adequate insulation is a must. Before installing insulation, do a thorough check of your garden building for water damage or draughts.

Summer houses, log cabins and garden rooms that are a few years old may feature cracks and crevices where the building has aged; a sealant or filler should patch these up, however, it’s important to ensure that this fully sets before installing your summer house insulation.

When choosing materials to insulate a summerhouse (or for shed insulation), you must consider both internal and external insulation. Although internal insulation is cheaper and easier to install than external insulation, you may have to sacrifice internal space.

PIR Insulation Boards

PIR insulation board, namely Celotex Insulation, is the perfect insulating material to insulate garden buildings. The boards act as a temperature equaliser; when the mercury soars, they’ll keep a structure cool and when winter starts to nip, they’ll lock warmth in.

Conveniently multi-purpose in its function, the Celotex GA4000 insulation board range can be used as roof, wall and floor insulation. Foil-backed insulation boards are effective enough to be used as a vapour barrier.

Breathable Membranes

When we insulate summerhouse buildings, we create a sealed structure that is more prone to damp. Breather membranes allow the building to breathe, whilst vapour barriers control the passage of vapour to reduce condensation. Usually, a vapour control is applied to the internal side and a breather membrane externally.

Breather membrane is specifically designed to control the movement of heat, air and moisture through the building envelope. Consider installing a breathable membrane on the roof prior to the insulation material.

Multilayered Foil

Foil-backed compressed insulation consists of many layers of insulating material that reduce heat transfer while its outer layers of aluminium foil reflect heat back into the building.

Despite its many layers, multifoil is much thinner than standard insulation products and ideal for installation alone or within a build-up of other materials.

Double Glazed Windows

The more windows your summerhouse has, the less valuable wall insulation will be. While still entirely possible, insulating the walls of a window-riddled summerhouse won’t compare to the benefits of double-glazed windows.

Whilst not necessarily an insulation material, double-glazing is an effective insulating measure that will thermally benefit your structure.


All in all, insulating your summerhouse ensures a comfortable environment year-round and lowered electricity costs. As ever we recommend consulting a professional prior to beginning any work.