The Top 7 Air Conditioning Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

The Top 7 Air Conditioning Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

February 22, 2019 0 By admin

There can be no question about it: a fully functional air conditioner is a basic necessity if you live in an area that has hot, humid climate all year round.

Purchasing the right cooling system is essential to having a cool, comfy home any time of the year. Proper AC installation and maintenance will help with this as well.

Using and maintaining your air conditioner correctly will also allow you to experience other benefits. With proper usage and maintenance, you will extend the unit’s lifespan and improve its cooling efficiency. More importantly, it will help you save a fortune on costly future AC repairs and an immediate replacement.

Common Air Conditioner Usage and Maintenance Missteps

If you just had a new cooling system installed, prolong its lifespan and functionality by avoiding these common usage and maintenance mistakes:

1. Turning the unit on and off frequently throughout the day

When you turn your AC on and off several times during the day, you run the risk of causing the fan and the compressor to wear off quickly. Frequently turning it on and off will bring unwarranted stress to the unit as well.

If you follow this practice in order to save money on your energy bills, a better habit would be to turn on the air conditioner during the day and turn it off at night. This will allow you to lower your electricity consumption and, at the same time, maintain the appliance’s good condition.

2. Adjusting the thermostat several times during the day

Fiddling with the thermostat to change the temperature frequently throughout the day will eventually hinder the good performance and condition of your AC. This is also one of the leading causes of air conditioner failures and breakdowns.

Additionally, doing this frequently will bring unnecessary stress to your unit which can lead to expensive emergency repair work.

To avoid altering your thermostat frequently and the possible problems that it will cause, install programmable thermostats in your home. By doing so, you will be able to adjust the temperature without actually touching the thermostat.

3. Not giving your AC a break

Living in a hot, humid country means keeping your air conditioner turned on 24/7. Unfortunately, doing this will result in exorbitant monthly electricity bills. This practice will put severe pressure on the condenser unit, too.

Moreover, letting your AC run for hours without giving it a break may cause it to lose efficiency or break down in the future.

Turning your unit off at night will help you prolong its functionality and lifespan. Make sure to switch it off if you will be gone for a long time as well.

4. Setting the thermostat incorrectly

One of the biggest misconceptions homeowners have is that setting the thermostat too low will help cool their home faster. However, doing this won’t help your unit cool your home quicker. This is because air conditioners cool a room based on the unit clock.

If you’re looking for the best setting for your cooling system, start by setting it between 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. A temperature between these ranges will allow you to feel comfortable in your home. Additionally, you will save up to 20 percent of electricity consumption.

In case you can tolerate heat better, raise the temperature one degree at a time and find out how it affects your comfort and energy bill. You may be able to save about three percent on your bills if you raise the temperature of your AC by one degree.

5. Not cleaning your unit regularly

If your AC has an accumulation of dirt, debris, and dust, expect your unit to require emergency repair in the near future. This is because the buildup will make it harder for your air conditioner to work optimally.

In addition, failing to clean the filters regularly will result in your unit accumulating moisture and mold which will lead to poor indoor air quality. This, in turn, can lead to health problems.

Regularly inspecting and clearing off the debris and dirt in your unit will help to prevent the obstruction of the air in the machine. You can remove the dirt buildup from your AC by using a combination of basic household cleaning supplies and products specially designed for cooling or HVAC systems.

Changing the air filters isn’t a hard thing to do as well. When you replace the air filters at least once a month, you will improve your unit’s energy use. The quality of the air in your home will be cleaner and safer as well.

6. Disregarding possibly important fixes

In case you have been hearing a strange sound coming from your AC or it isn’t releasing cool air consistently, call a repairman immediately. Don’t wait until your unit stops working; have it checked and repaired straight away.

By doing so, you will avoid dealing with a more complicated and possibly expensive problem. Keep in mind that even if a repair call may cost money, an emergency call or having your unit replaced will cost you so much more. As such, if your AC is showing signs of problems, don’t ignore it.

7. Not having a routine maintenance program

Lastly, to ensure your air conditioner continues to work optimally, you need to establish a routine maintenance program.

An air conditioner requires frequent tune-ups, cleaning of coils, clearing off of debris and dust buildup, and replacement of filters so that you can experience the maximum performance efficiency of your unit.

If you have a regular maintenance program and follow it to a T, you won’t have to worry about costly emergency repairs in the near future.

When you rely on your air conditioner for comfort, rest, and relaxation in your home, make sure you avoid the mistakes listed above. And always use and maintain your unit smartly to continue enjoying cool and safe air in your home for many years.


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