What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Paint Your Home Exterior?

What Is The Best Time Of The Year To Paint Your Home Exterior?

March 14, 2023 0 By admin

For your home exterior painting project to run smoothly, it is imperative to consider the weather conditions. Professional painters at Longmont House Painters suggest avoiding extreme temperatures while planning to paint your home. Generally, fall and spring are considered ideal temperatures to start the painting project.

When the house painting is planned, you must first distinguish between the interiors and exteriors. There are no particular restrictions for internal walls, although there are weather periods that would be better to avoid.

Paint Your Home Exterior

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Painting In Spring Season

The best time to paint the exterior is undoubtedly the spring season. Spring is the season that guarantees mild temperatures and beautiful sunny days. Factors like rain, excessive sunlight, humidity, wind, and cold temperatures can cause problems when applying paint. In general, regardless of the season, one must pay attention to the temperature, which must not be too high or too low.

Greater differences between the outside temperature and the temperature of the wall could, in fact, prevent the paint from adhering correctly. It might end up forming bubbles or blemishes on the wall. A slightly warmer temperature in spring is ideal for filling in cracks and washing down surfaces. However, you should look for monthly rainfall in your area since excessive moisture can jeopardize your project. You should wait for a pleasant and clear forecast.

Preventing Exposure to Excessive Sunlight

Excessive light and ultraviolet radiations from the sun can distort the chosen shade of paint. Even if you paint the external facade in spring, we must avoid doing it with direct sunlight on the surface. In this regard, you must analyze the sun’s direction and avoid painting the house when the sunlight directly hits the home exterior.

According to Longmont House Painters, the intermediate seasons (spring and autumn) are also ideal because the temperature is warm enough to speed up the drying of the paint and the entire painting process. As far as the internal walls are concerned, it is true that the climatic conditions affect less than what happens when the external façade is painted. Still, it is equally true that during the painting, the doors and windows should remain open to ensure correct air circulation and to facilitate the drying of the paint.

Painting in Autumn Season

The best time to paint the exterior of the house is not just one, but there are actually two. Autumn is also an ideal season to paint your home exterior. However, you should not choose high humidity, rain, or wind days. These weather conditions would risk damaging the work done. The cool autumn temperature allows the paint to dry evenly.

Also, the painters can get their job done easily instead of working under scorching heat or freezing cold. Through the 24-hour period, there is less difference between the high and low temperatures. This creates an ideal scenario for the paint to dry.

Avoid Painting In Summers

According to Longmont Painters, summer is not a good time to paint the exterior of your home. This is because excessive heat could cause the paint to dry too much, creating immediate cracking. The job will, therefore, not be done well and will then have to be done again at a later time. Furthermore, if we also have to perform the plaster in addition to the painting, it would be impossible because, during the process, the wall must remain damp to fix the products better and allow the mortar to dry perfectly.

Usually, in summer, there is a temperature range of up to twenty degrees between the minimum and maximum daily temperatures. Deciding to whitewash this season, unless you are looking for a crackled effect, is counterproductive because the paint dries quickly. This becomes a problem if you also have to plaster because the wall must remain damp to fix the other products. The main problem that arises in winter is the opposite.


When you plan to start painting your home exterior, ensure the weather conditions are right. If you are unsure about the outcome, you can always hire the local painting professional at Longmont Painters and leave it up to them to decide the weather, timings, materials, and equipment for you.