10 Vital Tips to Take Care of Your Kitchen Worktops

10 Vital Tips to Take Care of Your Kitchen Worktops

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10 Vital Tips to Take Care of Your Kitchen Worktops, Granite is a naturally hard stone that can last for years making it a perfect choice for kitchen worktops. Being a natural stone, each piece of stone has a varied look and no two pieces of it can look the same. This gives the kitchen a distinct look. Kitchen is usually a onetime investment, and everyone wants to give their kitchen a classic and luxurious look rather than going for the latest trend.

However, to make the granite kitchen worktops last decades, you need to take proper care of the and look after its maintenance.

  1. Seal Your Granite Worktops

Granite worktops do not require a sealant but sealing the surface benefits the worktops a lot. A good sealant gives extra protection against the spills, which can be quite common in the kitchen, and make granite a better moisture resistant. It is suggested that the area must be kept ventilated at the time of sealing.

  1. Use a Long Lasting, High Quality Sealant

Granite worktop make the most durable choice for the kitchen. They can last for years and to maintain their shine for all those years, it is important to use a sealer that would last ten to fifteen years and is resistant to stains, specially water and oil-based stain.

  1. Clean the Surface Daily

Keeping the kitchen top free from dirt and grime is important to prevent the granite from losing its shine early. If not cleaned on a regular basis, the settled down dust can leave marks on the granite kitchen worktops. To clean the countertops properly, wipe it off regularly with warm water and a few drops of dish detergent with a soft cloth.

  1. Remove the Blots Immediately

It is normal that there can be lot of spills in the kitchen. It is good to keep a habit of wiping the spill right away. Wiping spilled liquids like juice or milk should be avoided as they can spread around the countertops. In such cases the liquid must be soaked by a paper towel first and then wiped off.

  1. Avoid Putting Hot Pans on the Granite

Granite can withstand high temperatures and hot pots cannot damage the surface. But constant change in the temperature do harm the stone. Placing a hot pot on a cold granite base can affect the conditions of your granite kitchen worktop. Given the fact, it is better to avoid such extreme temperature conditions for the kitchen tops.

10 Vital Tips to Take Care of Your Kitchen Worktops

    1. Use baking soda to remove oil marks

Oil marks, whether on a kitchen top or on the clothes, are the toughest to remove. It requires some harsh chemicals or bleach to remove such stain from your clothes. In a similar manner, mixture of baking soda and water can be used over the oil marks on the countertops. Let the mixture sit on the stains for hours and then wipe it off later.

  1. Disinfecting kitchen Tops

Although granite is a natural bacteria repellent, a mixture of water and alcohol can be used to make them 100% bacteria free. It is suggested to use 91% isopropyl alcohol for the purpose. The solution is made in a 50/50 ratio and can be sprayed and wiped off the granite countertops to make it 100% bacteria free.

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  1. Avoid Cutting Vegetables Directly on the Kitchen Top

It is better to use a cutting board while preparing food. Cutting directly on the granite damages both the knives and the counter tops. The bacteria from the ingredients, specially meat items can get into the pores of the kitchen top and make it unhygienic for use.

  1. Dry the Counter with a Microfiber Cloth

As mentioned above, it is better to wipe the kitchen top with a dry cloth. The use of microfiber or a soft terry cloth on the counter tops can avoid streaking on them.

  1. Avoid Using Harsh Cleaners

Using harsh cleaners is strictly prohibited for use on granite worktops. Harsh cleaners can strip the worktops and even make them porous. This makes the granite worktop more prone to the stains lowering the durability of the worktops.

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