Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

July 21, 2018 0 By admin

Living in an apartment? Or want to change your apartment due to small bathroom. Then don’t worry we have some apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget so no need to change apartment. Everyone wants to make their bathroom big and beautiful and why not as it is the place where we enters first in the morning after waking up and also the last place after returning from work.

By using these simple and within budget ideas you can easily make your bathroom more beautiful. Mostly people make their rooms good but they did not pay attention to their bathroom. Bathrooms increase the value of your apartment. These are the most used room in your apartment whether by family members or sometimes by guest. So having a bad bathroom makes a bad impression on your guest also.

Some Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget:

Fit Shelves or Counters:

  • In most apartments, bathroom is not so big so there is a light difficulty in maintaining your gels, creams, soaps and brush.
  • So to avoid this problem you can fit shelves in your bathroom.
  • These shelves help to maintain your accessories in a proper manner.

Update Hardware:

  • As same as you update yourself according to new fashion.
  • Same replace your door handles, towel hanging rod or other hardware’s with new styles.
  • You can ask in market for any new hardware style has come or not.
  • This hardware’s are not much expensive.
  • This idea is one of the simplest apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget.

Specific Hooks for Specific Towels:

  • Every member in family has his specific towel.
  • Difficult to remember who has which color towel.
  • So fit different towel hooks for different towels and write name of family member on their specific hook.

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Wall Art:

  • This apartment bathroom decorating ideas on a budget is not only for bathroom but you have also seen it in rooms.
  • Hanging beautiful, creative paintings in bathroom wall gives a unique look to your bathroom.
  • The best part is that you do not need much money for that.
  • You have to simply buy a painting and hang it.

Apartment Bathroom Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Put Plants:

  • Growing small plants in small buckets and hanging these buckets in your bathroom is a great idea.
  • These plants spread your bathroom with fragrance.
  • Also gives you better quality air.
  • This idea may be old but it still works.


  • Lights play an important role in appearance of your bathroom because it gives your bathroom a color.
  • If your bathroom is having dark yellow light then change it.
  • Use white light in bathroom as light colors helps in making your bathroom to look big.
  • Yellow lights are mostly used in old times so avoid it.

Throw Away Old Bottles:

  • Once a bottle of shampoo, gel gets empty you should throw it.
  • These empty bottles occupy space and make your bathroom to look smaller.
  • They also make bad or dirty impression of your bathroom.

These are some best bathroom decorating ideas which can be used to decorate your bathroom in a small budget.

CONCLUSION: Bathroom is the most used and important room of house so it should be maintained properly with the help of these above decorating ideas.