Raksha Bandhan Thali Decoration at Home

Raksha Bandhan Thali Decoration at Home

July 21, 2018 0 By admin

Every year we celebrate raksha bandhan which shows us the love between brother and sister. It is the purest and deepest out of all emotions. In festival of raksha bandhan we cannot forget about raksha bandhan thali. Decorating this thali enhances the beauty and love of this festival. As we all know there are various raksha bandhan thalis available in market but if raksha bandhan thali decoration at home is done by their sisters it gives brother more happiness and also increases love between them. A rakhi thali consists of coconut, sweets, rakhi but we will tell you lot more.

These are some best decoration ideas to do raksha bandhan thali decoration at home.

Covering thali:

  • If it is about to decorate raksha bandhan thali so why not start with thali.
  • Cover your plate with some colorful paper or sheets.
  • You can also use silver sheets it will give you plate a shining effect.

Religious icons:

  • You can also make some ancient icons which are symbol of our religious culture.
  • These symbols can include swastika, Om.
  • It gives your plate a religious appearance and fit best according to festival.
  • This idea of raksha bandhan thali decoration at home is so easy.

Pista shell plate:

  • This is the idea of decorating thali with the help of pista covers.
  • Covering half thali by pista covers is a creative idea.
  • Also place 5 pista covers in plate in a way that hollow part faces up.
  • Put your sweets, rakhi, and rice on other side of plate.


  • As raksha bandhan plate consists of many things so order these things in correct sequence.
  • Like you can place sweets on right and rakhi on left side of your plate.
  • Don’t let your rakhi threads to bend.
  • This idea will make your plate not congested to look better.

Raksha Bandhan Thali Decoration at Home

Kings plate:

  • Put some silver small bowls on your plate.
  • These bowls should be half filled with rice, rakhi, sweets.
  • This will make your plate to look like a kings or royal plate.

Traditional plate:

  • According to Indian culture gods are our tradition.
  • You can place small statues or photos of Indian gods in your plate.
  • According to Indian tradition gods are considered as brothers for girls.

Polystyrene plate:

  • Take a cloth piece of your color and also a polystyrene plate.
  • Now cover this plate with the cloth you choose.
  • You can also stick some small mirror stars to make your plate more decorative.
  • These stars are mostly used for decoration.

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Occasion look:

  • To give or make your plate a festival or occasion look you can use flowers or leaves.
  • Cover the surface of plate with banana leaves and spread some flowers petals on plate.
  • Place diya on these leaved which are placed on plate.

Make your raksha bandhan plate more decorative by following these raksha bandhan thali decorations at home ideas.

CONCLUSION: A raksha bandhan plate can be bought easily from market but it looks more beautiful and festive when it is decorated at home by some ideas of sisters at home by best decoration ideas.