Simple Interior Design Ideas for South Indian Homes

Simple Interior Design Ideas for South Indian Homes

July 21, 2018 0 By admin

South Indian people are one of those who have proud on their tradition. I am sure that you also like to eat south Indian recipes but do you also like their culture? If your answer is yes then our article will be helpful in decorating you room. In this article we will give some Simple interior design ideas for south Indian homes for giving your room a south Indian look. Same as like south Indian people their theme for rooms are also simple and provides you inner peace. Everyone before seeing a home sees its interior design.

Here are some Simple interior design ideas for south Indian homes:

Murals in floors:

  • As in Indian culture people decorate their home with rangoli.
  • In south Indian culture instead of rangoli, murals in floor are made which is common.
  • These murals are made by making paste by grinding water and rice.
  • Many patterns in murals are available.
  • You can also buy 3 D pattern mural maker from market.

Flowers in brass:

  • If you have seen a south Indian movie then you may also see flowers placed in brass with water.
  • South Indians fill a brass container with water and put some flowers in it.
  • You can place it in anywhere in home.
  • These vessels can also be hanged.
  • This flower in brass is a good and simple interior design idea for south Indian homes.

Wall art:

  • A south Indian home is always incomplete without paintings hanging in walls.
  • This wall art you can easily found in any south Indian home.
  • These paintings enhances the beauty of your wall and home also.
  • These paintings also play a role in creating good environment.

Simple Interior Design Ideas for South Indian Homes


  • You can always see a jhoola in a south Indian home.
  • These are decorated with lovely and colorful cushions.
  • These also become a place where you can relax.
  • These relaxing accessories can also be placed inside home by hanging in your upper wall.

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  • South Indian people are very fond of wooden furniture’s.
  • This furniture can be easily seen in a south Indian home.
  • You can place these furniture’s in Verandah’s or in room.
  • These wooden furniture’s is also a Here are some simple interior design ideas for south Indian homes.


  • In modern houses, flats or apartments you can see stairs made of steel or iron.

But wooden stairs give a unique look to stairs.

  • In south Indian stairs made up of wood are mostly seen as these stairs give home a traditional look.


  • As I told you above that south Indians are proud of their culture.
  • They are very close to their temples and have faith in their god.
  • They also named their children on the name of their god like Vishnu.
  • These bells are placed mostly in puja room.

CONCLUSION: South Indians which are simple but true and heart. We had told you about some south Indian homes interior design ideas for spreading an inner peace and simplicity in our home and also give our home a traditional look.