Traditional Indian Home Decorating Ideas

Traditional Indian Home Decorating Ideas

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Everyone decorates their home with many styles and ideas but traditional Indian home decorating ideas are best and simple but give your home an impressive look. As the world is becoming modern and many new ideas are coming day by day but the Indian traditional decoration will never lose its importance. This tradition consists of heritage and color. In the race of becoming modern many Indians forgot about our Indian tradition whereas other cultures like south Indian feels proud on their tradition but you can still find many houses decorated with Indian culture style. You also want to decorate your home in Indian culture just follow these Indian home decorating ideas and makes your home incredible.

Some of these traditional Indian home decorating ideas are:

Wooden art:

  • Indian culture is incomplete without wood.
  • You can see many wooden things in Indian culture theme.
  • You may hang wooden frames in walls or in windows.
  • Wooden furniture in house also looks good and these furniture’s are available at low cost.
  • Wooden mask or wooden paintings of Indian gods are also example of Indian wooden art.

Traditional Art in Wall:

  • Have you heard about warli art which is art made by tribal women in walls.
  • These arts are also used for decorating walls.
  • It describes our Indian culture.
  • It gives houses a royal appearance.
  • It is one of the purest traditional Indian home decorating ideas.

Traditional Cushions:

  • Red and orange are the colors which are widely used in Indian culture.
  • Covers of cushions with red and orange color are mostly used for decorating houses with Indian traditional theme.
  • Indigo color is used in these cushions.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to make these cushions as these are man-made not with machines.

Traditional Indian Home Decorating Ideas

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  • It is used from earlier times in Indian tradition.
  • Swing is one of the best traditional Indian home decorating ideas for increasing beauty of your home.
  • Simply place or hang a swing in your room and see how it changes its look.
  • Use wooden swing and you can also place cushion and mattresses on it.

Self Portrait

  • You may have seen in Indian royal movies that king have hanged their portrait in their house.
  • In Indian cultures instead of photos big self-portrait are hanged in walls which gives feeling of royalty.
  • Paintings are also a part of Indian tradition.

Bold Colors:

  • Many of May you don’t like bold colors as they are very bright, vivid or warm.
  • Some bold colors are yellow, orange etc.
  • In Indian tradition theme homes bold colors are used instead of light colors.
  • You can use carpets of bold colors in floor which gives your home an Indian look.

Indian sitting or baithak are also found in homes with Indian tradition cultures. This is a sitting of very low height with cushions placed in it.

CONCLUSION: Traditional Indian home decorating ideas are used to decorate your home for giving it an Indian tradition culture look but today everyone wants to become modern so people are forgetting about our culture. Bold colors, self-portrait, wooden furniture’s, traditional cushion are some things which together makes our Indian culture.