Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces

Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces

July 21, 2018 0 By admin

Is your small bathroom is decreasing the value or charm of your house? And you are not able to plan a good bathroom design due to small space is available in your house. Don’t worry after reading this simple bathroom designs for very small spaces. You can also make your bathroom to look simple but good. Space is important but more important is design and ideas which we will tell you. These designs will fit your bathroom needs perfectly and you will be no more irritated with your bathroom.

In small space maintaining a simple bathroom is like a challenge but after knowing these you seem it easy.

Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces:

Vertical Storage:

    • If your bathroom has less storage than use vertical long containers.
    • You can store your gel, cream, and shampoo in that.
  • It will help to store your more things in less space due to which your bathroom will look bigger and spacer.


  • You may be surprised by hearing that if you use same tiles in walls and floor it will look to make your bathroom bigger.
  • It will also give a classic appearance to your bathroom.

Simple Bathroom Designs for Very Small Spaces

Don’t Place Sink in Bathroom:

  • If you are having a small bathroom and you also place the sink in that it will increase your space problem more.
  • So it is advised to place sink in washroom or somewhere other.

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Make it Simple:

  • If you are having a small bathroom then don’t add many accessories to your bathroom.
  • Just have necessary things in simple, plain style which give you a feeling of more space.


  • In a small bathroom corners play important role because in small bathroom you need to put all things there.
  • Placing all necessary things in corner will help you in getting some space.