Different Types Of Hand Dryers You Can Choose From

June 13, 2022 0 By admin

A hand dryer Is a common piece of equipment that you will find everywhere such as in hotels or restaurants nowadays. So if you have your store, any type of commercial establishment such as a restaurant then you are supposed to keep in mind that people are very quick to use paper towels for drying their hands. Paper towels are very costly also and they are wasteful. They serve a good purpose but they cost a lot and are not good for the environment. So this is the reason that you should invest in a good dryer for commercial purposes. There are different types of this equipment available in the market and they are gaining popularity nowadays. Some important types are the following

High-Speed Hand Dryer

For many users, the traditional hand dryers are very slow as compared to using paper towels so due to this reason the high-speed version has been installed in different commercial places. This kind of dryer is very efficient and does the work within ten to fifteen seconds only. so this is a reason that they are considered as one of the most suitable and faster options which are very convenient to the customers. They use very less energy and also help you to save money over time.

Traditional Dryer

These are the ones that are manufactured with a button and the user is supposed to push that button to start the machine and as a result, the hot air is blown out. in general, this equipment takes approximately 30 to 45 seconds to dry your hands but at the same time it is one of the most affordable options on the market

Automatic Dryer

When it comes to this type of equipment then you do not need to push a button and the infrared sensors installed in the equipment are very efficient to sense that someone’s hands are under the machine. As a result of these infrared sensors, they will turn on automatically when required and will also turn off automatically at the moment when someone removes their hands when they are done. This one is very useful for sanitary purposes because the user is not supposed to touch anything when using the machine. moreover, they require very less energy and the main reason behind this is that it does not stay even a second longer other than when it is in use

Factors To Keep In Mind While Getting A Dryer

You are supposed to keep several factors in mind while getting this equipment for your commercial setup. The most important thing is the cost of the machine and those which have the most basic of functions would cost you very less. They will get the job done but would not offer anything extra. speed is another important thing that you should consider because a driver should be efficient enough to do their job otherwise it’s of no use. The most important thing is their noise. make sure that the hand dryer makes the least noise so that no disturbance is created in the setup