What Is Drain Camera Inspection and How It Works?

What Is Drain Camera Inspection and How It Works?

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The plumbing system of your house is something that you often take for granted, until it malfunctions or stop functioning completely. When the drainage clogs or water is not passing through the drains, chances are that the main sewer line connected to your house is having some issues. Drain Camera Inspection needs to be tested at a professional level. In such situations, professionals start testing for the location where the clogging has taken place and to perform this, they suggest a thorough drain camera inspection which gives them the precise report of the clogging location. It helps them determine the location of clog and fix them promptly to restore the drainage system of your house.

The main sewer line of any residential or commercial building plays a vital role in the plumbing system- blockages in main sewer lines can be a bigger threat to your home. Unlike traditional plumbing techniques, trenchless sewer repair requires no digging for clogged sewer line repairs, new sewer line installations, and leak repairs.

About Drain Camera Inspection!

What Is Drain Camera Inspection and How It Works?

Drain camera inspection is the process to find the location of the clog in drainage system. The inspection is done by using a strong cable where the video lens is installed on its edge. This inspection process can inspect any drain that is 1.5” in diameter or more. These cameras are mainly used for inspecting the drain for clogs and also for pipes that are leaking. However, these cameras have some limitations. For instance, if the drains are filled with water, then camera inspection cannot be carried out, especially, if the water is dirty. However, drains with clean water can be inspected with the use of this camera. Depending upon the system and drain clogging, the professional providers of plumbing services can advise if it is suitable for inspection or not.

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The Process of Drain Camera Inspection

In this process, the professional plumbers open the lid of the drain which is clogged and then, they run down a snake to ensure that there is sufficient space for the camera to go through. Depending upon the report of the drain camera inspection, the plumbers then suggest the necessary fixings and solutions. Some of the common issues where inspection is recommended are:

  • Invasion of Pipes by Roots and Plants: If there is a breakage in the pipes and drainage system, the water can leak, and it can feed the thirsty roots. This water can also make your house nutrient rich for these roots and the roots will keep on consuming the moisture from the leakage in the pipe; gradually, it will invade the cracked pipes and build-up inside the pipe, over time. So, inspection is done to find out the fine roots inside the pipe so that it can be removed to prevent the pipe from clogging. It’s important to note that tree roots aren’t the real cause of clogged sewer lines. Tree roots are just opportunistic, by taking advantage of weak, cracked sewer lines. Once they start to grow inside of the sewer line, you’ll notice that your drains won’t empty as quickly as they once did. If you don’t fix the problem with tree roots out of a sewer line right away, the tree roots could eventually break the pipe. If that happens, you’ll have to invest in an expensive repair job done by a professional.
  • Corrosion on Inner Walls of Pipe: Most of the old homes which are built in 1930s and 1940s used to have cast iron pipes and sewer lines. Over the years, these cast-iron pipes and sewer corrode and as a result, metal develops pits and sometimes it may even flake which can trap the debris and make the sewer choked or clogged. So, with the drain camera inspection, the professionals can find out the location where the metal builds-up so that it can be removed professionally for an efficient drainage system in your house.
  • Offsets in Joint Between Pipes: The sewer lines of your house are usually made out of different sections of pipes which are amalgamated together. The land outside your house tends to shift and settle over time, thereby, shifting the pipes in diverse directions as well which can lead to breakage in joints and even clogging. So, with a thorough drain camera inspection, the plumbers can find where the ridges are created in the pipe that are trapping the debris and clogging the pipe. They provide you solutions, accordingly, based on the inspection report.

These are also other applications of drain camera inspection, done at domestic and commercial establishments, to restore the plumbing system efficiently.

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