Is It Possible To Prevent Spider Mites?

Is It Possible To Prevent Spider Mites?

October 17, 2018 0 By admin

Every grower dreads the appearance of spider mites in the grow room because these pests are detrimental to the health of plants. Just like outdoor gardens, indoor gardens are also susceptible to garden pests, which despite their size could have devastating effects on the plant’s growth and development stage.

Although spider mites can be destructive, there are different ways you can prevent them from coming back. Proper ventilation and the best LED grow lights can be helpful in keeping the mites at bay. The fact remains that if you just created an indoor space to grow your plants and wish to yield the best quality plants, you can turn to LED grow lights. Using these will often result in minimal heat production, power efficiency, and total control over the wavelengths of light the plants would need for photosynthesis. Among st several lighting options, Light Emitting Diodes stand out as the most efficient ones.

G8LED Technology

Among all the various LED grow lights, G8LED remains one of the top manufacturers of grow lights that are effective, efficient and give bountiful yields for plants indoors. These lights come in different wattages for different coverage areas. G8LED from Dorm Grow has a long and proven record with their indoor growing technology.

What are Spider Mites?

Spider mites are common in North America, and they have the power to destroy both indoor and outdoor plants. They are in the arachnid’s family of classification of spiders and scorpions. From infancy to their adult stage, the color of these insects remains a reddish brown color. They are oval in shape and thrive in hot, humid areas, which have crowded vegetation to feed on.

In web formation, their population increases. On plants like ornamental flowers, melons, beans, arugula, cannabis, strawberries, eggplants, houseplants, tomatoes, and trees, the delicate webbing of these mites is a common sight. They make their home on the underside of leaves, where they spin protective silk webs to guard themselves and stay safe against other elements and predators. They are about 0.04 inches (less than 1 millimeter) in size. Since they prefer hot and dry weather conditions, they lay transparent eggs that hatch within three days. After five days, their hatchlings become sexually mature and live for about 2-4 weeks during which time they end up laying twenty eggs per day.

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LED Grow Lights and Spider Mite Control

You have to have a clear understanding that controlling these insects indoors in your garden is not an easy task. You have to ensure that you keep the space sanitized and clean to prevent the entry of spider mites. You may also spray the plants to keep away bugs. However, when these spider mites finally appear in your indoor garden, they will hardly ever disappear entirely. They always have the best places to hide in, so you should try to be careful when using the spray since too many chemicals may kill the plants and the spider mites.

Note that the most popular way to thwart the growth of these mites is by LED grow lights in your indoor garden. Since the mites need hot environments and humidity to thrive, LED grow lights serve as the most effective tools to keep away pests since they have low heat output. With LEDs, it is a lot easier to control the temperature of a room as well as keep the grow area well ventilated. Additionally, LED grow lights such as G8LEDs have a perfect spectral balance with UV and deep blue diodes in their lights, which act as a deterrent to the spider mites. The blue LED light has the power to inhibit spider mite growth. Unlike HPS lamps, which can add excess heat and play its part as a catalyst for a spider mite infestation, LED grow lights are efficient with a low heat signature. LEDs are a superior alternative to keep your grow room healthy and pest free and keep your plants thriving.