What Is the Best Storage Box for Snow?

What Is the Best Storage Box for Snow?

November 17, 2022 0 By admin

If you live somewhere with snow, you know how big of a priority it can be to prepare your outdoor space for the impending colder weather. Blowing out sprinklers, picking up loose items around the yard, and putting patio furniture into storage, are all things you might be thinking about doing. One thing you may not have thought of, though, is using a deck storage box for loose items, cushions, gardening supplies, and even patio furniture. What’s the best kind of deck box for snow, though? Will they even keep items safe in the snow? Let’s take a deeper dive and see.

Wooden Deck Storage Boxes

Wooden deck storage boxes are hugely popular with a classic look and feel. They can be painted any color you want, and they’re very sturdy. Generally, many wooden deck boxes can be left out in snowy weather. However, it might be wise to check the type of wood your deck box is made from because it makes a big difference. Many outdoor furniture is made from teak wood, which will be okay in the snow since it is good at keeping water out, but other types of wood might not be as hearty. So, do your research before packing anything away for the winter in a wooden deck box, just to be sure!

Wooden deck boxes will keep items safe, but the boxes themselves need to be maintained. Check for rotting, rusting, and peeling paint when you look at your deck box each season. If you spot any problems, it’s best to repair them ASAP to keep the box functional.

Wicker Deck Storage Boxes

Wicker was a very popular material for storage boxes and furniture alike. The boxes are typically spacious and have a gorgeous look and feel to them. However, they are not to be left in the snow. Wicker boxes and furniture need to be taken inside before snow, rain, or cold temperatures become prevalent. Otherwise, you might end up with a ruined box and items within. Wicker boxes are known for being high maintenance and needing to be repainted and not left out in the elements all of the time, or else they’ll wear out more quickly.

Resin Deck Storage Boxes

Resin is a type of plastic. This might not sound appealing at first glance, but what’s great about resin is that it is super durable and weather-resistant. Resin deck boxes can also be made to look just like classic wooden boxes. So you can get the look and durability. Resin deck storage boxes don’t require any maintenance and won’t crack, rot, rust, or peel. You can also store a plethora of items in them. Everything from cushions to gardening equipment will be safe from the elements. Many of these boxes also have a spot for a lock if you’d like additional security as well.

So, which is the best? Well, it’s a lot about preference. Wood is a pretty good option, but resin is our favorite. Since it’s low maintenance and keeps everything safe from the elements, it’s an excellent option for a snow storage box. If you’re shopping for a resin deck box, check out the Keter line of durable deck boxes that come in many sizes and styles.