Your Guide to the Neon Aesthetic — and How You Can Embrace It

Your Guide to the Neon Aesthetic — and How You Can Embrace It

January 6, 2023 0 By admin

The neon aesthetic is a popular style that’s been creating buzz for some time now, especially on social media. You may be attracted to the bright blocks of color and geometric shapes or enjoy things that glow in the dark. Incorporating neon is an optimal way to ignite attention — it’s impossible to ignore! Read on for your guide to the neon aesthetic and how you can embrace it.

What is the Neon Aesthetic?

Neon is nothing new. Neon lights go back to 1910 when French engineer Georges Claude debuted these glowing lights in Paris. Of course, neon lights weren’t always available to consumers – they weren’t safe or affordable enough to keep in the house. But thankfully, times have changed, and it’s now possible to have personalized neon lights both outside and inside!

No one place or group can claim ownership of the neon aesthetic because it has been embraced as a visual style over time by many different subcultures and groups worldwide. On the West Coast, neon is a defining aspect of California skater and surfer culture. They have embraced the dark backgrounds and bright, fluorescent elements at kickbacks and parties. Other people associate neon with hippie culture or the rave and EDM scene of the 2000s. Visit any music festival like the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas or Ultra Music Festival in Miami, and you’ll see neon on display.

In Japan, bright neon lights have been used since the 1920s and are still synonymous with places like Tokyo, where buildings are brightly lit and Harajuku fashion is over the top.

Today, the modern neon aesthetic (also known as Glowwave) is all about things that glow in the dark, from neon lights to fun things that glow under a black light. People are drawn to neon for different reasons. People use neon to make things shine, pop and be visually appealing. While some people who embrace neon as part of a specific community, others just like how it looks and makes them feel.

Neon Aesthetic

Sign Designed by Radikal Neon

Incorporating Neon At Home

In the century since neon was invented, it has become more affordable and accessible. It’s easy to purchase custom neon signs online that can turn your artwork from dream to reality.

Neon is functional as well. Decorate your home using standalone neon lamps, blacklights, and even practical lighting for under cabinets or stairways. Looking for something a little… extra … that no one else has? A custom sign from Radikal Neon® is a great option if you want something totally unique or even a bit cheeky to fit your personality. You can quickly create the exact neon sign you want with their unique LED neon builder tool, available on their website. There are also lots of exciting premade signs available featuring classic quotes and artist collaborations.

Neon isn’t just about the signs, though. Interior design color coordination is also important. You can decorate using neon colors and patterns through fabrics (think bed covers and throw pillows) or even through bright and bold wallpapers. Fluorescent paint is fun and will glow under black. Have a blast, get creative in your space, and remember to turn the lights off for the optimal experience.

Include Neon in Your Wardrobe

Are you new to neon and want to incorporate this aesthetic into your style? Everything you need to get your glow on is easy to come by today. Neon is now trendy, and even traditional shopping malls carry a wide variety of clothes and accessories that will light up at night. In the past, you might have had to look specifically in vintage stores to find neon clothes and shoes, but today, neon is definitely in.

You don’t have to go full Harajuku; you can incorporate the neon look more subtly with accessories or fun makeup. Create a carefree California vibe or a more intense look with primarily black base clothing and bright color accents. Neon can give any outfit a burst of energy if it’s done well.

Light Up Your Life

You don’t have to head to a dance festival to light up the night – you can embrace the neon aesthetic daily. Whether you go for neon as part of your personal fashion aesthetic or choose home decor that incorporates custom LED signs from Radikal Neon®, have fun and enjoy the extra energy. Life’s too short to be boring.